Terra Firma Farm is very excited to welcome kids ages 5-12 to its April Vacation Day Camp!  At Terra Firma Farm’s spring day camp children will have a good time and learn about how plants and animals come to life in early spring!  Children will experience the beginning of spring on the farm through activities interacting with the new arrivals of plants and animals.  Each day has its own theme, leading us on adventures through the pastures, fields and barns.  So put on your boots, there is so much to see and do!!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

April 2019 Themes:
Monday, April 15: Spring on the Farm
This is your chance to work with the animals and the farmer here at the farm for the whole day.  We’ll feed the animals breakfast in the morning, dinner at night, and take care of them in between.  The best part of the day will be welcoming all the new arrivals!  We will spend time with newborn calves, lambs, pigs, chickens, and ducks!

Tuesday, April 16: Cute & Cuddly: Calves

Come celebrate this special time of year!   Visit our new calves, bottle feed them their breakfast and learn all about what its like to be the FAVORITE babies on the farm!!   Campers will work in small groups with a calf- as we learn to halter, lead and clip the calves for a Fun Farm Show at the end of the day!

Wednesday, April 17: All about Chicks
Chicks are fuzzy, cute and loads of fun!  Come to the farm to meet the new arrivals, check the incubator for action, and learn about what these chicks will bring to the farm.  We will learn all about hatching eggs, raising chicks, caring for chickens and even explore different types of farm birds!   

Thursday, April 18:  Dairy Day!
The farm is home to our Jersey cows and their calves.  Come and meet the cattle, tour our creamery and learn how milk goes from the grass to your glass!  We will milk the cows, feed the calves and explore their fields and barnyard.  We will end the day with a fresh batch of chocolate milk from the morning milking!   

Friday, April 19: Piglets, Pigs and Mud!!
No one loves the mud more than our pigs!!  Come and celebrate mud with us as we explore the mud     season on the farm!!  We will investigate the mud in the pigpen, in the woods, near the brook and in     the garden.  We will then make some delicious edible mud of our own!!

Vacation camp will run Monday through Friday 9AM to 4 PM.  Campers may sign up for a day at a time or the whole week.  The cost of each session is $300/week or $60/day.  For more information contact the farm at 860-535-8171 or by email at info@terrafirmafarm.org