Currently we source our chickens from another exceptional pasture based farm.  Here is what they say about their amazing broilers:  "Our broilers arrive at the farm as day-old chicks and spend their earliest days in one of our two brooder trailers. As soon as they are old enough, they are moved to portable "chicken tractors" that are moved daily to fresh pasture. This design allows our birds to enjoy sunshine, fresh air and all the plants and insects they can forage.

Their pasture-based diet is supplemented with a regionally-sourced grain, as well as fresh local produce, milk and cheese.

We process our own birds in a Health-Department inspected Mobile Processing Unit and offer frozen whole birds and chicken parts (breasts, legs and thighs, tenderloins, and wings). We also sell chicken feet, necks, livers and hearts.

We offer two breeds of broilers -- Cornish Rocks and Poulet Rouge. We raise the Cornish Rocks for approximately 8 weeks and the Poulet Rouge for approximately 12 weeks. Our Cornish Rock broilers are known for having a generous amount of tender breast meat and our Poulet Rouge broilers are regarded for having more dark meat, a crisp skin when roasted and a slightly more complex flavor."