linking our re-emerging local agricultural economy to you

For people who want to cook and eat LOCALLY, NUTRITIOUSLY AND
SUSTAINABLY...  enjoy our Terra Firma Farm Meat SHARES.

We are MAKING LOCAL WORK …right here in North Stonington.

We produce the highest quality supply of pasture raised pork, chicken, turkey and grass-fed beef as well as Grass Fed Milk, Yogurt and eggs.  By purchasing from SMALL INDUSTRIOUS FARMERS instead of industrial factory farms, together we are REINVIGORATING our local agricultural economy, in support of healthier and happier animals, people and communities.

Consider joining our Meat Shares.  Shares are distributed on the first weekend of the month and can be picked up Sundays in North Stonington at the Farm or Saturdays in Stonington at the Farmers Market.  2018 Winter pick up dates are: January 6 & 7, February 3 & 4, March 3 & 4 and April 7 & 8.  

Our basic share is mostly ground meat and our full shares are available in a range of sizes.  Here is what we recommend for share sizes, however you can change your size at any time.

  • If you are 1 person who eats meat 
    • Every Night =  15-16 lb share
    • 3 Nights a week = 6-7 lb share
    • 1 Night a week = 6-7 lb share
  • If you are 2 people who eat meat
    • Every Night= 20-21 lb share
    • 3 nights a week = 10-11 lb share
    • 1 Night a week = 6-7 lb share
  • If you are 3 people who eat meat:
    • Every Night = 20-21 lb
    • 3 Nights a week = 15-16 lb share
    • 1 Night a week = 6-7 lb share
  • If you are 4 or more people who eat meat:
    • Every Night = 30-31 lb
    • 3 Nights a week = 20-21 lb share
    • 1 Night a week = 10-11 lb share 
pork wooden table.jpg

Basic Share

What a Basic Share might Include

Beef: Ground beef, Stew Meat, occasional roast, occasional chuck or cube steak

Pork: Ground Pork, Occasional roast

Lamb: Ground lamb, Lamb stew meat

Chicken: Whole Chicken

and the Sausage of the Month!!! (we make 11 different kinds!)

beef wooden board.jpg

Full Share

What a full share might include

Beef: Chuck, eye & round roasts, Skirt, hanger, and flat iron steaks, Ribeye, flank, tenderloin, sirloin, eye round and NY Strip steaks, London broil, chuck, and cube steaks, Short ribs, beef back ribs, steak kabobs and stew meat, Brisket, Shanks, oxtail, Ground beef

Pork: Rib & loin chops, Ham, shoulder, and Boston butt pork roasts, Smoked ham steaks, Spare, baby back, and country-style pork ribs, Tenderloin, Smoked bacon ,Ground Pork

Lamb: Lamb loin and shoulder chops, Rack of lamb, Leg steak, flank steak, 1/2 leg of lamb roast, Shanks, Ground lamb or stew

Chicken: Whole and half chicken

… and the Sausage of the Month! (we make 11 different kinds!)