Pony Pals!

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Saturdays 10am-12pm     September 24- Oct 29

6 Sessions $275; Drop in sessions $50/week

Pony Pals is guaranteed to be engaging, supportive and inspiring. These non-riding groups put kids and horses together - interacting in a variety of groundwork activities - to facilitate learning and self-growth in a very creative and empowering way.

Our Pony Pals group provides a unique, fun and innovative way to help kids deal with the challenges they face daily in school, at home, and in the world at large. Setting boundaries, expanding social skills, improving problem solving, dealing with bullying, increasing self-confidence, working together… These are just some of the areas touched upon.

Participants build bonds with the horses and each other as they participate in specialized non-riding activities. The experiential learning activities vary, depending upon each week’s theme. To practice teamwork, communication, assertiveness and frustration tolerance, imagine the kids working together to design and build an obstacle course in the arena. Then they must select a horse and, as a group, get the horse to go through the obstacle course, working together, staying patient and problem solving along the way!