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Welcome Camp Families!

Back for its 14th year, we here at Terra Firma Farm’s Farm Camp look forward to continuing our tradition of inviting curious young minds into the daily operations of our working farm.   We realize that while most children are not going to grow up to be farmers, they will be the next generation of stewards of the land.  From June to August, Terra Firma Farm is home to over 400 campers.  Wearing their Farm Tees, they are frolicking around the fields, pastures, and barn learning how to grow food and be good farmers. Campers become a part of daily life on the farm.  They help collect eggs, milk cows and move the pigs, as well as participate in hands-on and creative activities that connect them to food and farming.

Join our family farm for the week and make memories that last a lifetime!   We have a strong passion for youth and strive to provide an unforgettable, rewarding, and refreshing hands-on farm experience for each child. 

The Farm’s pastures, barns and animals provide countless opportunities for campers to learn about teamwork, environmental stewardship, math, science, the arts, carpentry and more.  The possibilities are endless!  We hope that you join our past and present Farm Camp families and, as I like to say “Lettuce Turnip The Beet!”

See you on the farm,

❤️Farmer Brie


A DAY AT FARM CAMP:  Every Farm Camp day begins at 9AM with our Morning Circle greeting and warm-up game.  Afterwards all of our camp groups set out to do their farm chores, which could include collecting eggs, feeding pigs, checking on the sheep or cow herd, bottle-feeding calves, or one of our many other daily farm chores.  After the animals are cared for, its time for a snack break before setting off on our morning project.  After our morning project is accomplished campers enjoy lunch and some hard earned relaxation time before setting off for their chosen Afternoon Elective.  Electives give campers a chance to learn and experience a farm topic in more depth, whether it’s with nature, the sheep, the cows, the chickens or with tools- campers dive in deep.  Thursday afternoons feature an always exciting All Camp Activity, where campers participate in a all-camp game or adventure to celebrate the closing of the week.  Friday afternoons are to be special as we invite friends and family to join us for our weekly Farm Farewell.  All camp groups prepare some food to sample from the farm and a short presentation to share with all who join us.  Friends and family can then be pulled around the farm to see and hear about all the great things that happened during Farm Camp.  It’s a perfect way to end the week!

STAFF:  Along with Farmer Brie, our Farm Camp Counselors are all past CAMPERS!!  They are selected for their farm camp experience, love of food and farming, and their diverse background of interests to provide a unique, memorable and fun summer for your camper.  Counselors are First Aid/CPR certified, have previous experience working with youth in an outdoor setting and are trained extensively in farm safety, child development and group dynamics.

SCHEDULE:  Farm Camp runs five days a week for 9 weeks in the summer.

  • Full-Day groups run from 9AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday

  • All Full-Day camp families are invited to come to the farm at 3PM on Fridays to take part in our weekly FARM FAREWELL, a farm-wide celebration of the events and the food enjoyed during the week!


Week 1 | June 17-21

Week 2 | June 24-28

Week 3 | July 8-12

Week 4 | July 15-19

Week 5 | July 22-26

Week 6 | July 29-Aug 2

Week 7 | August 5-9

Week 8 | August 12-16

Week 9 | August 19-23

Week 10 | August 26-30



Farm Camp is divided into separate age groups and runs for 10 weeks.  Each group takes part in a wide variety of experiences including daily farm chores, cooking activities, lessons and games. 

SPROUTS: Ages 3-5 | Half-Day Only 

This camp is designed for our 3, 4, & 5 year old Sprouting Farmers.  Children will be involved in animal care activities, meeting the new farm arrivals, nature walks and simple farm cooking activities.  Sprouts will discover new things, develop a connection to the farming world and begin to understand the role farms play in their lives.

FARM KIDS: Ages 6-12 | Full-Day

Farm Kids find out what life is like as a farmer by gathering eggs, taking care of animals, feeding our cows and sheep, and milking in our Creamery.  Farm Kids are offered in-depth, hands on experiences in farming which helps develop a stronger connection to the farm and the origin of their food.  Each session offers different activities including milking, games and cooking projects, crafts, science activities and of course! farm chores. 


SPROUTS: Ages 3-5 | Half Day Only 9am-12Noon | $200

FARM KIDS: Ages 6-12 | Full Day 9am-4pm | $300


Everyday, our campers will choose an afternoon elective to explore after lunch.  While these electives change on a weekly basis, here are a few that your camper might get to choose from during their week at camp!


Terra Firma Farm is committed to providing farm camp experiences for youth regardless of family income.  If you would like to obtain a scholarship application, please contact the camp office at info@terrafirmafarm.org.  Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying families.  We have a finite number of scholarship spaces based on funding, so please apply early.  


Farm Camp at Terra Firma Farm complies with all regulations required by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood Division and is Licensed under the Youth Camp Licensing Program.