The Working Farmer program is a learn by doing experience.  Working Farmers will fine tune their hard earned gardening and livestock skills while serving as role models for the younger farmers.  They will tackle higher level lessons and projects on animal husbandry, carpentry, composting, companion planting, and farm management.  Working right alongside our farmers, kids learn where their food comes from and how we raise it. Throughout the summer, this team develops the skills and the confidence to run the farm and have a blast while doing it. 


Every day starts with taking care of an animal. They are fun to watch, hang out with, and observe. But they are also great teachers. Working Farmers learn to put the needs of others before their own, doing things for the animals that they might rather not. Cleaning out a mucky water bin. Cleaning a food dish. Getting some poop on their boots. By starting each day with the animals we affirm that we are here to work for others, not just ourselves.


On Gardening days Working Farmers don’t just gather beans and cut greens, they cultivate confidence. Harvesting is both a physical skill and a continuous exercise in judgement and decision making. Is this particular bean up to our standards? How about that kale leaf? After hundreds or thousands of these micro-decisions, Working Farmers walk off the Farm with confidence in their ability to analyze and act.

During their time as a Working Farmers, everyone gets the chance to staff the Farmstand and learn customer service, professional presentation, and how to make change by doing it all. For a few hours each week these kids are the general managers of a meat, milk, and vegetable Farmstand, handling everything from set up to tear down on their own. Some days are slow, some days are insane. They learn to take it in stride.

So where is the fun? Every activity of the Working Farmer is interwoven with levity, banter, storytelling, and the satisfaction of doing a job well. Working Farmers is where the camaraderie between teammates blossoms into a group of friends sharing an experience. Working hard brings people together and those social ties are what keeps the good times good.

Working Farmers Camp will run Monday-Friday 9am-4:00pm.  Weekly sessions begin June 17, 2019.